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From the Owner

Well, back at the very beginning, long, long ago and in a land far, far away, my ancestors sat in caves and banged rocks together.

OK, maybe that's too long ago!

Fast forward to 1995. I had been working at the University of Michigan for several years as a part of the Engineering College and then at the School of Information. Two graduates of the School, Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville had formed Argus Associates and came to me with a small project. From that first project and through my continued association with these gentlemen I was able to start my own business, Cyber Data Solutions.

Since those days we have worked with many companies, from the local -- Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Community Housing Network -- to the remote -- The National Institutes of Health. The projects we've completed have ranged from the simplest email response forms all the way up to the most complex online information management systems and everything in between.

Through all of these projects I have reached the determination that each client deserves to understand what we are building for them. I don't mean that they'll get a crash course on website programming, but rather that we are dedicated to answering all of their questions completely and accurately without unnecessary use of computer jargon. I will admit that even my eyes will glaze over when I hear someone talking about "PHP, Perl, CGI, RSS, HTML, HTTP, .NET, and XML". I want us to be the company that helps to "Clear up the Confusion."

I look forward to helping you in the future. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions with which you think I can help.

Thank you.

Greg Peters, Owner

"Greg Peters was referred to me by several people in the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce. I was looking for a decent website without having to spend many thousands of dollars. I guess everyone is! Greg helped me create a website that is just perfect for my needs. I wanted a particular aesthetic, ease of navigation, the ability to change things on my events calendar using Google, and advice from him on what a good website should have and do. Greg helped me with all of this and more. I knew nothing. I never got the feeling he was laying down the law or trying to cut corners. He was very patient and encouraging while at the same time keeping us on track. Every time I called or emailed, his response was fast and friendly. Greg Peters is very competent, passionate about doing well, loves to learn, and as a bonus - good natured and open to working with someone in a productive, creative, dialogue. I was very lucky to find him."

Suzanne Smith,
Director, cellochan