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So, what is it that we do and how much does it cost?

Website Renovation

Sometimes you already love the way your site looks. The colors, the layout, the fonts -- they all make you feel happy. What ruins the mood is when you actually read the content and realize that it's two years out of date!

After we're done working together, the site will once again be up to date. We'll analyze all pages seeking out time-sensitive information. We'll incorporate all updates to those pages. Finally, we'll verify and correct all links.

You'll no longer be embarrassed to send people to your website.

Perfect Site Tools

See the links page for examples of the following products

MyBlog Headlines

You are already working hard to keep the company blog up to date. You just don't have time to do the same with the company website. Make the one task work for both venues. Present the current headlines from your blog on your company's website. This is an easy way to keep updated information on your site. Use it as an information service for your visitors or as a newsfeed for your press releases.

MyEvents Calendar

Do your clients, employees and visitors know what is happening with upcoming events? Using the convenient and user-friendly Google Calendar we provide a user-maintainable calendar of events for your site. Can be customized for appearance and time frame covered, whether for the next three months or the current school year. Whatever you need.

MyInfo Random Display

Being a great business, you undoubtedly have a long list of testimonials. Too bad you can't show them all on the front page of your website. You could occasionally edit your site to change the front page testimonial, but we all know that it would last about two months before it wouldn't be worth your time any longer. The MyInfo Random Display takes that list of great quotes and presetns a different one at random every time the page is loaded. Great for testimonials, tips of the day, or current news blurbs you'd like to display.

Package Customization

There are a lot of very nice open source packages out there to accomplish a variety of tasks for your organization. The only problem with them is that, while you could install them on yourself, they wouldn't look like it was a part of your site. Working with your existing web developer, we can help install, customize, and test these tools so that your users can enjoy a seamless experience with all of the bells and whistles.

Custom Services

"Wait!" I hear you wail "What if I need something that isn't listed? I like you, Greg. You make me feel safe. I don't want to go somewhere else!"

Rest assured, if you need a service which is not listed here, such as email forms, a content management system, conference registration, etc, or even if you need something just a little different than what we offer above, we can work with you to create a package which exactly meets your needs. Our initial consultation is free and we look forward to meeting you. Please email us or give us a call!.

"Hi Greg -

Just a note of congratulations to you for a job well-done. You have done a masterful job with the site and it looks just gorgeous. It is quite an accomplishment on your part.

I appreciate all your good humored emails back and forth to me. You handled all the changes with diplomacy and tact.

Well done! It is a unique site for a very unique camp. You succeeded in building what Suzanne was working toward.

I enjoyed working with you."

Char Dewolf,
Emmy award winning film maker